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   “Great things in business are never done by one person
they’re done by a TEAM of people.”

I show my clients how to scale their businesses profitably with the right team.
The success or failure of any business depends largely on the quality of its leadership, systems, processes and human capital. Irrespective of how much you have struggled with staffing and the ability to keep the right ones long enough, my proven system can help you manage people more effectively to achieve your dreams.

The good news is, as each of my client’s journey is unique, my online solution is designed to have a personalized touch. I show you how to get more results through people irrespective of the stage you are in business using HR best practices.


What People Say About Us

The knowledge I have gained from this course cannot be quantified. I have built a payment structure, refined mission and vision as well as refined Job descriptions and employee handbook among other things. Just from doing the assignments, I have began to develop structure for my organisation by following her examples and instructions. The most amazing thing about this course is that she has provided resources to make the journey smooth and easier. Plus she is only a message away to answer your numerous questions. My experience doing this course has been nothing short of amazing.

If you are an entrepreneur or a team lead or the head of an organization, this course is for you. Register now and thank me later.

Unyime Okon-Umoren

Head of School of Accolade House Montessori School.

We manufacture high performance organic hair care products. When it was time to expand to a mini factory, I needed more human resource personnel to fill in certain roles.  I employed people without defining their roles or being clear about the skill sets I was looking for. This of course resulted to failed expectations.
Building great Teams shows you a clear road map of what to do when looking for the right skill set, how to recruit them, retain and reward them to encourage high performance and retain best talents.
There is also a library of HR forms made available to make your work easier and help you standardize your Human Resource processes.
I employ all entrepreneurs to learn how to attract, recruit and retain the best talents in their organization.
Without the right people, you can't build a sustainable company. Whether you are at the starting stage or expansion/growth phase, Building Great Teams Course will guide you to make the right decisions and grow your company with the right people. Don't procrastinate, enroll today!

Amara Okoli Tasie,

Founder CEO of Mara Cruiz Organics.

I was moving my company from a two man team to a 10 man team and I wanted to learn how to attract the right people and to build a great team. I had tried to hire in the past but I kept making so many recruitment mistakes.
I'm very excited about the amount of clarity I got from the course. I got clear on where we needed to go as a team, the type of people that had to be on the team, how to motivate them, the new projects we had to start working on, etc.
The course also helped me to realize my role as a leader, as I had gotten used to doing so many things myself. I have started delegating a lot more, and I now have a mindset shift.
If you're trying to scale up, this course is a must have.

Stephanie Obi


I had challenges with staffing and structure. It was a major concern for me because it affected sales and productivity. I decided to join this course and I have been able to learn how to recruit and manage my teams properly and it has increased business productivity. I was able to travel and my business was running comfortably without me unlike before. The course has improved my capabilities as a leader and I want to advice every entrepreneur to register and watch their business grow.

Ngozi Obi-Chukwuma

Founder Heles Cake and Events.

The course building great teams has been very helpful and it is an eye opener for me. I have learnt so much including constantly selling my vision creatively with the team. I have also set up a capacity building/training structure as well as craft clear roles and responsibilities for each employee using action verbs which has greatly improved team productivity and business efficiency. Regardless of your staff strength, the course will also give you access to a library of documents to help you run a seamless HR process and this is a huge contributor to your output and growth as a company. This is a value packed class. Register now.

Kemi Olawoye
CEO Bora

Listen to why teams fail and what you should do to avoid same mistakes.

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