Hello! I’m Abimbola,

An Entrepreneur, HR Strategist, Business Coach, Board Member, Mentor, Wife and Mum.

I empower entrepreneurs to confidently lead their lives, businesses and teams to achieve success.

In 2010, I dropped my wig and gown to pursue a new and fresh career in business and HR.

I was knee-deep in corporate law at the time, managing my own firm, doing my HR certification, starting a new family coupled with the responsibilities of motherhood. A lot was going on yet I desired for more.

In November 2010, just like most start-ups, my husband, Goke and I started our company, ‘Fruitivegies’ which was later rebranded to So Fresh in 2013 with a vision to transform the way fresh fruits and vegetables are retailed, processed and consumed in Nigeria but with no prior knowledge of how to run this business nor hire and manage employees.

A few months after we started operations, staff matters humbled me and that stirred up my passion and professional practice in HR management.

The problem:

One of our biggest struggles at that early stage was recruitment, getting the right staff to do the job to meet standard expectations.

I didn’t quite know the practical steps to follow to employ the right people so employment decisions were mostly based on my intuition or mood not necessarily based on the person with the right knowledge, skillset, capacity, mindset, attitude or experience.

Workload increased and operations became a big mess, bills were piling up, sales dropped, I was constantly angry, tired and stressed, delegation was poor, customer complaints grew, staff were constantly busy yet achieving little, the office environment became unfriendly, rate of job abandonment increased and profits started to decline.

The Opportunity:

By 2013, we were on the verge of closing down the only store we had spent so much money growing after 3 years of consistent failure.

Our 3 years investment was about to go down the drain and instead of quitting, I was lucky to win a fully funded Enterprise Development scholarship program sponsored by Goldman Sachs, that experience empowered me with effective business management skills to drive business growth and the confidence to rebuild again.

Today we are the leading healthy food chain in Africa with multiple locations across 5 major cities in Nigeria with over 150 high-impact employees.

That experience made me discover what the root cause of my staffing issues were, it was not the people, It was the PROCESS that hired the people!

The Process:

We redesigned our entire Business and HR structure.

This has helped us consistently hire competent people and exit nonperforming ones.

The company policy including the onboarding process was revamped, effective job descriptions were drafted, standard operating procedures were designed, and reporting lines and career paths were clearly mapped out.

The Results:

Effective teamwork and business expansion!

Our staff morale, engagement and performance went up, employee retention rate increased, we attracted foreign investments for business growth and expansion, we raised leaders trained to manage operations, set up a board of directors and received several national awards.

Anything that starts small can become big but who you hire matters!


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