Team Play is a Game of Skill, not Strength

Hello {full-name}, Yayyyyy…. I am deliriously happy you made it to 2019, yes you made it and here I am wishing you the most amazing and rewarding year ever for every of your investment. What I have realized over the years is that learning tends to spike in January especially,...

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Hello,   It is no news that HR management is a huge problem in Nigeria and indeed globally, so I thought reading this might inspire you. Here are a few of the entrepreneurs I have consulted for recently and this is what they have to say. ” So here...

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Hello {full-name}, I trust that with the checklist and the YouTube video I previously shared, you already have a good idea of the things you need to have that will help you build a great team of your dream. I will help you move from a stressful employee management...

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The Builder’s Mindset

Hello Team Leaders, Did you get the Free Successful Hiring Checklist by Abimbola Consults last week? If you didn’t, here it is again. https://abimbolaconsults.com/checklist-signup/ The people in your company will ultimately determine the success or failure of your business. Your ability to build a great team can change the face...

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