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A Live Webinar that will equip you with the practical strategies to streamline your business operations and build a strong team that effortlessly drives success.

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"After attending your webinar and listening to your free video on staff loyalty. I had to go back to the foundation because most of the people who work with me were from referrals and we didn't do any official recruitment and onboarding, so currently I am following the right process...and I am seeing a massive change"



Dear Business Owner, does this describe your situation?

You juggle many tasks. But whenever you hire, It feels like you’re adding more chaos to your plate instead of streamlining your workload and making operations smoother.

You feel like all top-notch employees have been hired by other companies. It seems the only way to attract a good employee is by offering a high salary, but you're still growing and can't afford such hefty monthly expenses yet.

You’re stuck, unable to grow and expand your business.

You are uncomfortable with how things run in your business. Things tend to be so disorganised, it’s hard to keep track of who does what. Any employee handles any job, leading to poor results and no coordination.

You're overwhelmed by the tedious hiring process - from sifting through numerous resumes, to conducting interviews, and making difficult decisions…, worse, you aren’t sure you're doing it right or making the best choices.

If you’re dealing with these persistent problems despite your best efforts to solve them, and they’re causing you stress, know that you’re not alone. Many business owners, like you, face similar frustrations daily.

"Your webinar was an eye opener. I realized I didn't hire the right persons, that's why I was having challenges and the process seem so difficult for my staff to follow. I'm currently trying to lay off some staffs and hire the right staffs for my business!"


Now, here’s the thing: the root cause of many of these problems often boils down to two key factors – lack of structure and not having the right employees.

You might find yourself spending more time putting out fires than actually moving your business forward.

Hiring the WRONG PEOPLE can be a recipe for DISASTER.

When employees aren’t the right fit for their roles, they will struggle with performing their duties effectively.

This can lead to frustration, low morale, and decreased productivity across the board.

Unlock Bonuses Worth ₦150,000


"How to Structure and Attract the Right Staff to Grow Your Business"

A Live Webinar Holding on Sunday 24th March, at 8:00 PM

Where you’ll get proven strategies and insights to help you tackle these challenges head-on.

Together, we’ll dive deep into the world of business organization and employee management, uncovering practical tips and techniques that you can implement right away.

Don’t let lack of structure and mismatched employees hold you back any longer. Grab and secure your seat because it’s going to be mind-blowing

Unlock Bonuses Worth ₦150,000

Who This Live Webinar Is For:

In this live Webinar, you will:

In fact, you’ll leave the  Webinar with a winning plan and actionable steps to structure and organize your business operations, hire the right staff, and grow your business

After The Live Webinar, You’ll Be Able To:

"I took some point at the webinar,I got a new staff and my onboarding was so on point. Even I was impressed. Went through our vision, mission and values. This was very different from any other new staff induction and I am seeing the value in the process"



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Unlock Bonuses Worth ₦150,000

Bonus #1

Goal Setting Template

Say hello to laser-focused direction! The goal setting template will help you outline clear objectives for your business, ensuring every step you take is purposeful and aligned with your vision for success.

Bonus #2

Detailed Job Specification Template

This detailed job specification template takes the guesswork out of hiring by providing you with a comprehensive framework to clearly define roles, responsibilities, and expectations for potential candidates

Bonus #3

Effective Sales Pitch Template

Master the art of persuasion and watch your sales soar! This effective sales pitch template equips you with proven strategies and templates to craft compelling pitches that your staff can use to close sales.

What Business owners said about the Last edition of the webinar:

"1 month ago, I was very discouraged and confused. Then I stumbled on your advert for a webinar on how to get my staff to make more money, I knew I needed it, so I hopped in immediately. Today, I am so inspired and very clear on what to do!"



"The truth is if you truly put the teachings from people like Madam Abimbola, who are truly knowledgeable, kind enough to share the knowledge and able to effectively teach the knowledge to another person to replicate what they have done, you will smile"



"I recently recruited a store keeper just after the webinar. I had to increase the advertised salary to get someone with more advanced skills following several poor performance with previous storekeeper. My onboarding with the new staff was structured and instructive... So far I am seeing some results and have also decided to go bck to my old staff in other units to do the same process"



"The content was all encompassing, she started from the scratch and the best part foe me was the think time exercise. I literally followed through the course and actually gave some time to think when she gave the time"

Cee C


"After the webinar, I was able to modify my vision, mission and core values,. I saw where I needed to work on, so I took action. I made it more time-framed and was able to communicate its overall effect on the business. Thank you so much, ma'am"



"I joined the "How to get your staff to make more money for you" and I was not disappointed, still using my webinar notes to strategize on my business. That webinar is the bomb, so I will get two more templates from you"



Meet Me

Hi, I’m Abimbola Balogun.

I help business owners get the best value from their employees using the exact methods I have used in my business since 2010 to grow from 1 physical food restaurant to 15 restaurants across 5 states in Nigeria with over 150 passionate employees who are daily committed to our customer satisfaction and happiness.

In 2010, just like most start-ups, my company, So Fresh, started very small with a big vision to transform the way fresh fruits and vegetables are retailed, prepared and consumed in Nigeria but with no prior knowledge of how to run this business, hire and manage employees.

Why you'll gain from me:

You’ll benefit massively from my journey summarised below:

More feedback from my clients


This Training is specifically for business owners and CEOs who wants to learn how to structure and attract the right staff to grow their business.

Upon registration, you will receive a unique access link via email. Simply click on the link to join the webinar at the scheduled time

Yes, You will get a replay of the webinar. But it is recommended you attend the webinar live, to get the full experience and ask your burning questions during the Q and A session! 

We understand that circumstances can change, and plans may need to be adjusted. However, for the webinar fee, we do not offer refunds.

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team (info@abimbolaconsults.com), and we’ll be happy to assist you.