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  • Are you a busy and overwhelmed entrepreneur doing everything by yourself and needs to build a team?
  • Are you struggling with staffing, swamped, frustrated and tired of micro-managing your current team?
  • Are you finding it difficult to hire right?
  • Are you worried you don’t have the right structure and HR processes to move from 1-10 team member and from 10 to 100 team members?
  • Are you confused about why your business is not growing profitably?
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I present to you “BUILDING GREAT TEAMS”, a transformational online program that helps you build high impact teams that can deliver profitable business growth.

This course is structured into 4 modules and is designed to give you a personalized experience through the intense lessons, worksheets, HR forms and processes, 90 days free consultation and a welcome & thank you video clips.


Modules & Benefits

List of our modules and their benefits

  • Defining your Strategic Narrative

    Module 1

  • Build a Forward-thinking Management Structure
  • Craft and refine your core values, mission & vision statement
  • Conduct an end to end analysis of your business process
  • Get your mindset on scaling reshaped
  • Finding & Choosing Talents

    Module 2

  • Understand the strategies behind knowing who to hire
  • Analysis of the recruitment & selection process
  • Write simple job descriptions
  • Conduct smart interviews
  • Payroll administration
  • Write or strengthen your employee handbook and the most important company policies for your business
  • Design an HR structure that is scalable
  • Design SOPs to achieve consistency in your business operations
  • Craft an effective onboarding process
  • Relevant statutory compliance
  • Managing Your Team

    Module 3

  • Learn simple but effective engagement and retention strategies that is sustainable
  • Understand how performance management works
  • Write smart KPIs
  • Learning and Development
  • Design a discipline and reward system that works
  • Understanding team dynamics
  • Conduct stay and exit interviews for continuous process improvement
  • Strategic Leadership

    Module 4

  • Reproduce leaders for business continuity and sustainability.
  • Road map for strategic leadership.


  • You will get 25 standard HR policies and processes that helps SMEs scale and manage people better.
  • You will be able to find and build high impact teams that can deliver profitable business returns.
  • You will be able to build a company culture that allows people to bring their best to work.
  • You are free from the syndrome of a “one-man business” but seen as a well run and managed company that is sustainable.
  • Your brand will be built on a credible and scalable HR structure.
  • You will attract investment and scale as you desire.
  • You have a competitive advantage over your competitors because you have a competent team.
  • You can run multiple business locations and operations at once.
  • More than making money, you help to make the world a better place by the lives you influence and impact.
  • Clients will prefer to do business with you because you are a structured organization.
  • You can take a break, shut down and rest while your team keeps the business alive.
  • You have a team fired up to see you WIN.
  • When you are tired, you have a team to encourage you through the process.
  • More importantly is who you become in the process of this transitioning, because building a team will change you into a more creative, compassionate and strategic leader that people would love to work for.

My name is Abimbola Balogun, Co-founder and Executive Director of So Fresh Nigeria Limited, a healthy food chain with multiple stores across the nation and over 150 team members. I am the Principal partner at Ab Consults, an HR consultancy firm I founded in 2018 from my desire to help more businesses scale, become profitable and sustainable with the right team and HR structure.

Here is why you should learn from me.

  1. As a team, my husband and I started our company, So Fresh, together in 2010.
  2. We started with one staff.
  3. I became an Associate member of Chattered Institute of Personnel Management in 2011.
  4. I restructured our HR system and processes.
  5. So Fresh is the leading, largest and most preferred healthy food chain in Nigeria.
  6. We have 150 staff on our team.
  7. So Fresh attracted foreign investment of 360,000 Euros in 2017.
  8. With 3 stores in 2017, the company has grown to 10 stores in 2019 and worth over N2m dollars.
  9. The company is run on corporate governance with accomplished members on the board of directors
  10. With my online program on Building Great Teams, I have helped over 60 Forward thinking SMEs build a scalable HR system, strengthen their team culture and scale their businesses profitably.
  11. I am a credible leader that you can trust to help you replicate this kind of amazing and verifiable results.

What's the investment?

Building Great Teams

  • - Intensive Video Lessons, Workbooks and Resource Guides
  • - Monthly Live Coaching Calls with Abimbola, for 3 months.
  • - Up to date HR Policies, Templates and Forms.
  • - Access to Abimbola, who will personally review your work via mail and proffer solutions to your HR challenges.
  • - Two Year Access to the Courses.
  • - Fast Action Bonus worth $250.

Total value : $1,750

Think about what your life will look like if you are able to build a great team to scale your dreams.

That's what the real value of this program will be.

Early Bird Price: $375

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Regular Price: $500

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Who is this course for?

Our Target Audience

  • Business Owners that are about to scale their business and needs to build the right team.
  • Business owners who are looking to build a solid brand and is desperately in need of a team that can scale the brand and improve business productivity.
  • Business owners who are tired of being the only one passionate about building their business and is desperate to build team.
  • Business leaders that want to learn how to build, support and lead more effective teams.
  • Business owners that want to create a culture of teamwork within their organization.
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What people say about us


There is so much to benefit from this course and the value is immense. By signing up for this course, you will expand your capacity to build a great company and productive employees.

This course is N150,000 and you will have FREE 3 months mentorship with me.


How the course works

Our Strategy

  • An 8- week intensive program. The tutor will go through all the modules with you, so you are not alone. Together we plan, envision the future of your company, write policies, hire and build a winning and happy team.
  • You will get personal feedbacks on weekly assignments to accelerate your learning and improve your leadership skills.
  • Write the most important company policies and get them edited by a pro.
  • Enjoy a one on one session with me on the modules to reinforce learnings.
  • Build an HR library of over 25 relevant forms, samples and templates that is easy to use and adapt to your business operations.
  • A welcome and thank you video clip to connect with and fuel your motivation throughout the course.
  • Access to the online course for two-year period. You can watch the video lessons repeatedly at your convenience.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't allow these questions stop you


You will be enrolled to the online school 72 hrs after payment is confirmed. After you pay for the course, you will be redirected to a registration page where you will enter your username and password.

You have access to the course for two years.

You can watch the lessons at your own convenience, depending on your schedule. You can also re-watch the lessons over and over again at your own pace. This is one of the benefits of investing in this online course.

Yes. Once your payment is confirmed, you will be given access to a platform where you can submit your course activities and ask her questions.

You can download the PDF workbooks and resource guides, but you can’t download the videos. They will always be available when you log into your account

The video lessons are Pre-recorded and you can watch them anytime you want. Ensure you submit your assignments for review to the email that will be sent to you after registration.

The lessons are between 30mins to 1hr each. The slides are of high quality and quite engaging.

Any computer, tablet or phone that has access to the internet

Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds after we have given you the username and password to access the online course.

You will be redirected to a registration page to fill your username and unique password to access the school. We will send you a receipt and a welcome letter to commence your onboarding process.

Account Number: 0480214165
Bank: GTB

Kindly send an email to info@abimbolaconsults.com after paying, so that we can confirm your payment and issue you a receipt and welcome letter.

As with any business-related program, your results in Building Great Teams may vary from these customer testimonials. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, and dedication to completing your assignments and using your FREE Mentorship package. You will get all the required support you need from us as we are committed totally to your SUCCESS!