3 Step Framework To Hiring Right

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Tired Of Hiring The Wrong People?

Would you like to learn my proven framework for hiring right, that has helped me build a committed  workforce of over 150 competent staff, and a successful business with over 15 branches, generating over 3 million dollars in revenue and still growing?

Is This You?

Trust me, I know how it feels. I went from being so frustrated (that I almost shut down my business) to growing the same business to over 15 branches with a workforce of 150 hardworking staff

My Story

Myself and my husband when we started our small fruit shop in Ogba, Lagos in 2010

In 2010, just like most start-ups, my company started very small with a big vision to transform the way fresh fruits and vegetables are retailed, prepared and consumed in Nigeria but with no prior knowledge of how to run this business, hire and manage employees.

One of our biggest struggles at that early stage was staffing right. I didn’t quite know the steps to follow to get the right people, but we went ahead to employ staff all the same because sales was growing.

Work became a big mess, bills were piling up, sales dropped, I was seriously stressed, customers complaints grew, staff were leaving, the office environment became unfriendly and profits started to decline.

By 2013, we were on the verge of closing down the only store we had spent so much money growing after 3 years of consistent failure. Our 3 years investment was about to go down the drain and instead of quitting, I went ahead to learn how to fix this mess and I discovered what the issues were, it was not the people, It was the PROCESS that hired the people!

2019 at our Yaba outlet (one of our 10 branches)

I redesigned a system that has helped me consistently hire competent people on my team.

Today, a lot has changed. I have stopped stressing over simple things and I can now focus on the bigger things to scale the business.

Anything that starts small can become big but who you hire matters!


I have empowered so many entrepreneurs like you understand the process of  hiring right, improve their brand reputation, increase revenue and build a profitable company, using my proven framework titled,

Hiring Right For Business Success

This is an online course that gives you the step by step guide on how to hire the right people for business success.

You'll Be Able To

The avoidable mistakes that your staff keep making (during production or service delivery) is costing you money. You can save that much money if you have the right staff.

You also save the money you would have spent hiring the services of recruitment agencies, which is usually about 5% of the annual salary of each staff.

Each unsatisfied client or customer is money lost.

Think about how much money you can make from one satisfied customer that keeps coming back to you and also refers your business to others.

If you hire the right staff, you will have no problems retaining customers 


Develop the right system and structure that repeatedly gives you the right people that delivers business success.

Save the time you would have wasted using your trial and error approach to hiring.

Your competitors are growing. You can’t remain at the same spot of trial and error, year in and year out.

You can grow your business faster with the right staff.

Sleep well, stop worrying about the quality of products or services your staff are delivering in your absence.

Scale and increase your capacity to serve more clients and customers by employing competent hands.

What You'll Learn In This Course


Discover the secret sauce of knowing who you need to hire

Here, I will show you how to:


Hire like a Pro!

Here, I will show you how to:


Onboard like a Pro!

Here, I will show you how to:

What You'll Get In This Online Course

2 Years access to The Video Lessons

Video lessons that will help you get the step by step guide to building the HR structure that helps you consistently hire right.

You have lifetime access to the online course, so you can always revisit the lessons at your own time, until you gain mastery of the process.


4 Weeks Mentorship

You will enjoy 4 weeks of mentorship from me, as you implement what you will be learning from the course. This will happen in a closed Whatsapp community, where you will gt to network with other like-minded business. owners


Plug & Play Templates

Access to 20 standard HR Templates and Employee Welcome pack, guides and worksheets that will help you start getting results.

WORTH N150,000

How to Unlock your Staff Loyalty Webinar Replay

Access to How to Unlock your Staff Loyalty Webinar Replay.

WORTH N150,000

TOTAL VALUE - N900,000 / 1,650 USD

If you calculate how much you have wasted due to production errors, losing customers and those that they could have referred to you and all the headache hiring the wrong staff is costing you, you will realize that you have lost more than this amount of money.

So this course is worth more than this value.

But you won’t be paying that much for this course, not even half of it.

the price - 100,000 NGN / 185 USD

Gain Access To The Course Immediately After payment Is Confirmed

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What Our Students Say

I Now know what I need to put in place to have a successful business and retain the right employees.

The quest for building a good HR structure made me register for this HR course organized by Abims of Ab Consults.

This course is educating and enlightening, I now know what I need to put in place to have a successful business and retain my employees.

I now know how to write a proper Job advert that converts and policies.

I will recommend it to every entrepreneur who wants to hire right and build a sustainable business.

Elizabeth Olatoye

CEO @edenapparel_ca Winnipeg, Canada

I’m more confident in carrying out my processes now

I registered for this course because I was starting a new business for which I needed guidance and my experience has been great.


I kept returning to the videos because it was a course very well put together, seamless delivery and very well placed too.


I learnt from the Nigerian point of view which is a major factor, I learnt every step from inception to on boarding, what to do and what not to do.



I have learnt the right process of staffing

Before I took the hiring right online course, I was struggling with staff incompetence and having a proper structure in place and this was affecting my business.


With the knowledge gained in this course, I have learnt the right process of staffing and how to build a functional business structure that is tailored to my business.


I would recommend this course to every business owner because I found it really helpful and practical.


Meet the Course Creator

Abimbola Balogun,

HR Consultant

I can show you how to hire the right staff that will work with you to build a profitable business.

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You gain access to the course immediately after payment is confirmed

You will have lifetime access to the course and you can always access it to study on your own and at your own pace.

If you have more questions, I will be glad to answer them. You can use the chat button at the bottom right of this screen or send an email to info@abimbolaconsults.com