Hello {full-name},

Yayyyyy…. I am deliriously happy you made it to 2019, yes you made it and here I am wishing you the most amazing and rewarding year ever for every of your investment.

What I have realized over the years is that learning tends to spike in January especially, as people start the year focused on building new habits, learning new skills and setting new goals. We tend to desire more and plan to achieve more than we did the previous year, but this year make it a goal to put actions to your words. It is your year to TAKE ACTION…. Lol

Good news!!!

Have you heard that part of the skills companies needs most in 2019 is PEOPLE MANAGEMENT? This news got me pumped but I am not surprised to read this at all, I saw it coming as I keep seeing and reading news about the demise of companies, especially startups, they often lose money and clients and when I did my research, these problems can be traced to PEOPLE and this propelled me to create an online resource on BUILDING GREAT TEAMS. I have decided to start this year with you and equip you with the skills that’ll most help you better to serve you, your TEAM, your clients, customers and ultimately your business.

Let me introduce myself to you again and why you should invest in yourself and join my online course,

  • My name is Abimbola Balogun and I am a lawyer, HR practitioner and an entrepreneur. I am the Co-founder of So Fresh, Nigeria’s biggest fresh and healthy food chain established in 2010. I am also the Principal Partner at AB Consults, my HR consultancy firm.
  • I started So Fresh managing one staff and today I am responsible for over 100 empowered staff.
  • I have conducted job interviews for thousands of applicants and I know the major mistakes entrepreneurs make for loosing their staff to competition or other companies.
  • I consult for SMEs who are struggling with their HR structure, recruitment, training and managing their team for business success.
  • I daily reproduce leaders and managers to manage resources committed into their hands for business growth.
  • I manage hundreds of million in revenue and I know I have two critical resources; money and people, I will help you link your company’s financials to those who produce them- your TEAM

People, not companies, generate value and I will like to help you achieve your business goals on setting up the right team and most importantly, managing them for the long-term sustainability of your business.


Here’s what you will do for me to help me address your Human Resource pains and challenges as we begin the classes soon.

Fill out this form for me to know your HR challenges

This year you will experience a major shift in your mind and in your abilities to put people together and work with them to achieve business goals.

Much Love,